3 Reasons Chocolate Is Good For Your Well-Being

For many people it’s a comfort in times of sadness or stress, a guaranteed pick me up during inevitable boredom or a definite smile on your loved one’s face in times of celebration. Chocolate is the antidote for an endless list of situations! But did you know that there’s no need to feel guilty as chocolate can actually be good for your well-being? Ok, maybe not in the quantities you’re thinking and perhaps hold off from helping yourself to that entire bar of galaxy in the fridge, but within reason good quality dark chocolate has many benefits on both our physical and mental health.

These days there seems to be a week for everything, however Chocolate Week (14th-20th) is definitely something we can get behind. So in light of this we thought we'd explore the claims behind it's health benefits. Still need convincing. Read on…

1. Chocolate is good for your well-being

Ever looked at your bar of chocolate and felt pure love? Well you’re not alone, chocolate contains the same chemical that your brain creates when you feel like you’re falling in love, releasing a whole load of lovely chocolate-shaped endorphins into your body. As well as boosting your mood with its all-important antioxidants, chocolate contains a natural anti-depressant, giving you that feel-good factor.

Hotel Chocolate do little bite size pieces of dark chocolate which are perfect for snacking.

2. Health benefits of your favourite snack

Dark chocolate is said to be full of the minerals our bodies need in order to stay healthy. Did you know that dark chocolate can provide a large amount of your recommended daily iron intake? We’re not condoning a total switch from spinach to chocolate, but you shouldn’t feel guilty indulging every now and then. Dark chocolate is also said to help reduce high cholesterol as well as be good for your skin. You heard us right, again you’ll need to avoid the chocolate that is full of sugar and opt for dark chocolate with a high cocoa content, but ultimately chocolate can protect skin against sun damage, improve blood flow and increase skin hydration! Pass us the bar now!

3. Brain food

Here’s one you may not be familiar with. Chocolate can help your memory! That’s right, an element found in cocoa has been suggested to help keep your brain healthy! It’s said that eating chocolate that can reduce memory decline in older people and according to some eating chocolate at least once a week can improve your cognitive function!

So, in summary, we’re not encouraging everyone to over-indulge but you also shouldn’t feel guilty in the odd square here and there. Start to become more aware of what chocolate you are buying though and look on the back of the packet for chocolate with a high percent of cocoa. The higher the percent the better quality, look out for bars with 70% cocoa or higher.

Here's 3 of our favourite dark chocolate treats:

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3. Aztec Gold Chocolate 72% Dark Bar